Real Simple & Bubbles

My future mother in law, Laurie had no idea know what she was doing to me when she ordered me a subscription to Martha Stewarts, “Real Simple” magazine last Christmas.

When I finally get my hands on the mag (when you live with your parents and siblings, you will most likely get your magazine after 6 other people have dripped salsa on it and accidentally ripped out your favorite column and taped it to their door) I don’t even open it. I must wait. Wait until it’s time to take a bath.

When the right moment hits, I turn the water on to boiling hot and pour in a heaping cap full of Laura Mercier Honey Bath. The bubbles begin to form as I step in and wiggle my toes. Just writing this, I can feel this moment; one of simply pure relaxation. I grab my Real Simple and place it on the side of the tub. An hour has passed and I haven’t even noticed. I read about new recipes, ways to stay fit, and how to be a better friend. I am reminded that I can take a 15 minute walk outside and it has the potential to take my day from blah to fabulous!(so true, fresh air does wonders) When my eyes begin to close, I know I must change locations! From bath to bed I go!

Baths aren’t for everyone, but I dare you to try it. If you don’t have a bath, be friends with someone who does! Can’t wait till my next month’s Real Simple comes! Thanks mama Laurie!

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