A New Calling

As I spoon crunchy grape-nuts from my bowl to my mouth and write my shopping list on a post-it for Target, I think about how much in my life has changed.

I live with the love of my life. It will be 4 months on the 10th of September. We get to go to sleep with our feet touching and spend the mornings on the front porch with friends and hot coffee. He tells me the truth about my attitude and helps me prepare for interviews. I encourage him to get a mentor and to measure the coffee beans and water before he makes the coffee. We pray together, eat together, laugh together and have recently cried together.

Drew and I at our 8 week OB-GYN Appointment!

Not much of that will change in the next couple of months, or the next couple of years for that matter.  What will change is that we will have three different sizes of shoes at the front door, not two. Baby lotion will be on my Target list. Instead of a self grape-nut feeding, I will be holding a bottle up to our little bub’s lips.

There is a playground that I pass by every day when I go on a run. There are countless mom’s in workout clothes tugging around their little ones…we’re all familiar with the scene. Laughing with them as they slowly slide down the “big slide.” They talk with other mom’s about their crazy morning’s and wave goodbye when it’s naptime.

That’s my job. Strapping on my little ones shoes so he/she doesn’t trip. Making sure their bottle is not too hot to drink. To live out loud for Christ so that our little one will see. To treat others with kindness and respect. To pray about everything and know that God can do ANYTHING. To honor God in the way Drew and I treat one another.

I may be getting ahead of myself, but let me tell you…when you see a little bean in your tum, your life changes. Dramatically. Your paradigm shifts and you begin to smile (and sometimes cry) every time you see a dad throwing his little girl up in the air.

So this is my cheers to life. As I sit here in my tie-die shorts and pony-tail in our half-painted blue chairs, I cheers to the new adventures and to the the new calling on my life. Let’s do this.