A lime-sized babe

I don’t remember it being Thursday already, or the last day of summer, or me being 13 weeks pregs….this week has been jam-packed with lunch dates with gorgeous babes, lots of workin, a new 2nd job, watching 2 sets of kids, grocery shopping, running..so busy that I didn’t even realize a very special something until late this afternoon…

…I totally, absolutely, definitely have a lil belly. It’s tiny but debuting itself! I love that I don’t have to suck it in anymore, that my stomach is actually supposed to be growing! Fabulous!! Genius!!
A few of life’s recent nuggets-
Be a friend who is THERE no matter what. Through new adventures of marriage, break ups, pregnancies, depression, joy, tragedy…to be able to stick like glue, even if you can’t necessarily relate, are exhausted, or haven’t a darn thing to say. A friend who sticks like glue. Life is freakin crazy, always..but there is WAY more than enough time in the day to pick up the phone and call up a friend. Even if it’s for 5 minutes. SO important. 
Smelling good is one of the most important things in the world…(to me) : )
Some of THE BEST advice I got when I was preparing to be a wife was this, you won’t really know how to do something until you just do it. WHAT?!! I can’t read 98475 books and become an instant, overnight, guaranteed pro? Just do it. You can prepare but you’ll never really get it until you just do it. Get married. Devote your heart to the Lord and he will help you figure it out along the way. Become a Momma. Commit yourself to that little bub, commit your bub to the Lord and you will figure it out. Thanks Terri! 
Sing in the shower. Please. Free therapy! It forced you to an instant state of carelessness…shoot-maybe you’re the next X-factor contestant! Work it!
Blood Orange sorbet is like crack cocaine. Not that I know what crack cocaine is like. But get your paws on this sorbet and you will be begging for another hit-promise! 
There is no better place to be than being home with my hubby Drew. No matter how beautiful the scenery elsewhere, there is nothing like sitting at our little dining table with homemade grub and funny stories to tell from our day. Life really is that simple. 
Real quick bub Harris update. I crave salt all of the time. All day, errry day. I have only succumbed to this desire a few times..once being a large fry from Mcdonalds. I know, fast food kills you. Secondly, it’s true..the 2nd tri is WAY better than the first. I feel like Jeniece again. Happy, joyful, and wanting to workout allll of the time! Drew and I think about our little bub every day. Cannot wait to find out the sex! Everyone has been saying it’s a girl, but Drew and I are excited either way! We want to embrace every little phase of development-such a blessing. COULD NOT ask for more. 
❤ you guys.