The past few days, I have been smiling more than usual. The crisp, rainy weather may have a bit to do with it…also to blame, the christmas music that Drew blast’s through the house while we make tortellini..or that we found out I have a baby girl in my tum. Life is hard and ugly sometimes, that’s the truth..but goodness, it is wonderful. 

I have been enjoying my new job and value the times I get to set a Thanksgiving table, or create a centerpiece for a winter wedding. What I most adore is the people I meet…

Last week, I was answering phones and finishing paperwork when a spunky middle age woman stopped by the showroom. I was tired of sitting, so I decided to join her in the obvious linen swatch dilemma that was battling her. We ended up chatting about pregnancy, soccer, and red wine before we decided on a hue. She was throwing a party for her 100 year old grandmother. I asked this stranger about her grandmother and the woman’s face lit up the gloomy showroom. “She wears a different color every day. One day it’s red pants, a red shirt, and red shoes..the next day ALL yellow!!” She exclaimed. We laughed and I asked her what her grandmother’s secret to life was. The woman in olive green smiled and became calm. “She’s happy.” 

Secretly inspired by this 100 year old, Andrew and I made a “joy” list over chinese soup the other day. He told me that making smoothies, working on his truck, dinners with his wife : ), and dogs bring him joy…among other things. We laughed at how often food items came up on our individual joy lists. 

Sometimes it takes a stranger to remind me to “be happy.” What a beautiful simplicity. I often add to my joy list when I have a moment of absolutely blissful joy. You know what I’m talking about!

Here’s mine as of today. 

Seasonal candles. 
Good music. 
Fam time. 
Baking treats. 
Fresh flowers. 
Australian Licorice. 
Thrift shopping. 
Green tea. 
Killer boots. 
A day of with Drew. 
Baked Mac n’ cheese. 
and a new clothes. 

I hope you are having a joy-filled day.