Be silly and be free

When I run into old friends from college and they ask me what I have been doing since I graduated, I snicker and tell them..everything! Man of my dreams, new house, new job, new car, pregnant…what a year! Just a year ago I was sitting in my college classroom wondering what was out there in this big world for me!

The little babe in my belly is now 2 1/2 pounds! Growing as she should and kicking her mom in the ribs daily! I’m 29 weeks and have made best friends with my “nest.” A pregnancy pillow that literally takes up 3/4 of the bed! Sorry Drew!! 🙂

My sole new years resolution was health for the little one, but I have since thought of a few more-

1. Reading the bible. I know, I know..cliche. However, I need to prioritise this intimate time more! So each day, I head to the beach (or my car before work) so I can indulge!! This is a time spent that I never, ever regret!

2. Don’t text and drive! Yikes, what a naughty habit I have formed! No longer!!

3. Don’t feel guilty if I need to nap. Lol-major problem.. I have now given myself permission to snooze!! After all, come March- I may not have the option to snooze!!

4. Teach a class at the gym! I have always wanted to lead sweaty ladies in TKB or cycle classes..hopefully, by the end of the year i will achieve this!!

5. Keep a joy journal. I stole this directly from my girlfriend, Michelle. Start out the day writing in your joy journal where you can ONLY give thanks and write about the blessings of life!! Its already been changing my perspective!

As I grow Into my new roles of wife and mother, I’m learning to have abundant grace for myself, my hubby, and our little one, to not take life too seriously and to laugh at the silly stuff.