A Wednesday Funny

Morning! Happy Wednesday to you and happy last day of bed rest for me! (The HUGE smile on my face right now would make you smile, guaranteed. )

After scrolling and scanning like a madwoman on Pinterest this morning, I decided to roll (a VERY pretty sight these days, I’ll leave it up to your imagination) out of bed, make a fiber smoothie and do a face mask. A truly eventful morning for myself.

As I sit with my mint green mask covering from the base of my hairline all the way down my neck, I took the first sip of my smoothie and opened my planner. Knock knock…ah! snap-eeek, shoot, fudge, crap, no!

While I contemplated hiding under my kitchen table, putting a blanket over my head, or somehow scrubbing off my freshly applied mask in five seconds, I found myself at the door. (Maybe they’ll think I am REALLY into Saint Patrick’s Day..a little early..or having a strange leap day celebration??)

My mailman looked at my masked face for what seemed like two hours. Quickly gathering that neither of us were going to say anything about the mask; or the fact that, indeed, my green Toms matched my face..we made awkward small talk and he handed me a package. “Thanks!” I shut the door and laughed. He laughed too.

Reese would have been so embarrassed of her Momma! My “morning funny” reminded me to laugh at myself and not take life too seriously, cheers to that.

Picture from when I was 10 weeks…

Almost Done, hooray! 

P.S. All you Momma’s..or someday Momma’s, check out this website. It’s absolutely fabulous for planning a nursery or just getting inspired about deco!  http://laybabylay.com/ xo