A little hospital snooze

You know those times in life when you feel like you are on vacation during your normal, day to day life?? Kicking your feet up and reading for hours on end..because there is nothing else to do…..me either! I have jumped on a train that has been trekking at 90 for the past month. As I take a deep breath and know most of you are nodding your heads at this very moment, I feel like we’re in this together.

A few weeks ago, Drew and I went out to dinner with our great friends at Crow Burger on the Peninsula in Newport (don’t go unless you have NOTHING else to do..we waited an hour for a mediocre cheeseburger, sad!). My stomach had been acting up just before dinner, it felt like a cramping that I couldn’t quite describe and had never felt before. In the middle of laughs and storied about the fire service, I began feeling uncomfortable. We ended the night without ice cream, I was ready to go home…Friday night without ice cream is a sin, by the way..

Once home, Drew soon fell asleep and I began feeling more and more uncomfortable “cramping.” Thanks to Google, I soon realized what I was experiencing were contractions. Not the kind called “Braxton Hicks,” those are normal and relatively painless. These, however, were coming quicker and quicker, and I was feeling more pain as they progressed. I woke Drew up and in 2 seconds he was dressed and had the car warmed up. Middle of the night “calls” are his specialty. I was hesitant to go to the Hospital, and by hesitant I mean..passionately stubborn.

Before we knew it, we were in Labor and Delivery at Kaiser in Irvine and they had me hooked up to a monitor to see how bad my contractions were. Sure enough my body was gearing up for labor at 30 weeks! Reese was ready to join us! The next few hours felt like a tornado as they told me I was 1 cm dilated and was sent in for an ultrasound. Drew and I turned into a Momma and Papa bear..all we wanted was to protect our little one and keep her brewing for a couple of weeks longer. We slept in the hospital that night..(Is it still considered sleeping when its only 2 hours and it’s interrupted???).. Needless to say, baby Reese is still in my tummy and hopefully there to stay for a while! The doctors and nurses at Kaiser were absolute gems and I am so thankful they took such good care of our little unborn girl!

Not only was the staff incredible, but our family surrounded us like groupies and made it that much easier. No more exercise and no lifting for me, but the little one is safe and sound…and o boy, is she growing!

It’s crazy beautiful how the Lord bonded Drew and I over this experience, and even bonded us to our little Reese as well. Life is full of hiccups and I am so thankful HE is in control and HE provides.

As my belly shoots out, I am gearing up a possible side business, Drew and I are determined to find a home, I have 1 month left of work, and my goodness…I’m blessed.

I’m very glad I am here on this earth at this time with all of you..take advantage of every opportunity and remember..today might be it.

Au revoir ❤


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