Soapbox Tuesday

Some fun insights I would like to share after 8 months of marriage, 25 years of life, and about 26 identity crisis meltdowns.

1. Ask good questions. The ones that make people think deeper…become a master at this. Even if it’s a stranger, ask them what they do, where they grew up, you never could learn something you never knew. Take initiative.

2. Don’t make people guess. If I’m feeling cranky, tired, and pissed off at my boss, I need to communicate that with my husband. If I don’t, he may think I am cranky, tired, and pissed off at him. Talk to each other people!

3. Laugh at yourself. If you take yourself too seriously in a relationship (of any kind), you will stress everyone out, including me..including yourself. Laugh Out Loud. Life is way to short to stress about the clothes that got left on the floor..pick them up and fling them at the fan so they fly across the room.

4. Don’t compare yourself, your marriage, your booty, your anything. Not only is it unattractive to everyone around you, it robs you of your freaking amazingness. When you are focused on what others have, it fogs your view of what YOU have. Which, my friend, is a WHOLE BUNCH OF GREATNESS! Be inspired by others, absolutely, just don’t wish to be them instead of your beautiful self.

5. Think before you speak. Is it really your friend who said the wrong thing, or is it about an insecurity that YOU have? Would your husband/friend really want you to say THAT about them? Double and triple check your thoughts before you jab full speed ahead. This is what I call the “check yo self” method.

6. Learn that “no” does not mean you’re a loser b***h. Sometimes you need to say “no” to events, volunteering, girls nights etc..and saying yes to you getting in bed an hour earlier, that’s okay.. Take care of yourself and know what your body/mind/spirit needs. This is for your own balance, but it will positively effect those you love if you make mindful decisions with your time management!

7. Ask for help. If you are struggling with something, your friends/lovers WANT to help you. Not only will it be healing for you, but it will open up a whole new world of humility, vulnerability, and closeness with that person. (Asking for help is something I literally have to ask God to help me with!! Stubborn as super glue!)

There’s my rant.
In other news, I pretend like Valentines Day is dumb, but I think it’s kind of cute. I wake up every 1.5 hours to move and go to the bathroom. I am learning that praying for your spouse is one of the most powerful things you can do for them. I hope your day is full of chocolate.


One thought on “Soapbox Tuesday

  1. Marvin Moments says:

    Jeniece,You are full of amazing greatness! Thanks for that…I am printing it out and putting it in my journal. I totally agree with you and think everyone should laugh so hard they pee their pants or shoot milk out their nose at least once in life! Life's too short to take seriously sometimes! I am so excited for you and the baby! Can't wait to see her! Praying for you while you are resting the last few weeks! Now you have an excuse for your hubby to bring you chocolate in bed!

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