In Bed.

For a person like me (i.e., if not running around, doing jumping jacks, baking, gabbing with girlfriends over chai, doing laundry or solving world hunger, I have failed)..”bed rest” is not the most welcomed or happy phrase. However, I am making the most of my doctor grounding me, forcing me to glue my booty to the bed…

Top 5 favorite moments of Day 3 (yesterday) during the “booty glued to bed grounding.”

1. Discovering the game of “scramble” on the Iphone. If I haven’t invited you to play, it is just a matter of time. Please play back in a reasonable amount of time, I am waiting by the phone to whoop you.

2. The WORLDS BEST PIZZA made right here in the Harris kitchen by my personal chef, who is also known as my strapping husband of 9 months. Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough, fresh basil, pineapples, garlic, pepperoni’s baked to p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n! Followed by Breyers lemon popsicles! Mmm, wish we had leftovers…

3. Painting my nails (base-OPI “French Quarter” and a topcoat of Essie “Set in Stones”) and imagining my hands, polished in glitter, holding Reese for the first time.

4. Drew exploding in laughter, almost to the point of spraying the pinot noir that was in his mouth all over our white duvet cover!

5. Writing a letter to our unborn baby girl. Telling her how excited her Dad and I are to meet her..what I’m scared about…what I’m excited about..she might not read it for 7 years, but it felt so freeing to write.

It’s crazy how the little things are my highlights right now, simply because I have time to enjoy them. Don’t forget to sllllooowww down. In fact, I am grounding you to at least an hour of bed rest today. Read your favorite book, journal, just sit, play me in scramble…whatever it is, glue your booty to the bed.



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