Day 8.

Butt on couch countdown-only 6 more days to go! Until my hair is blowing in the wind, my toes are in the sand (looking like a beached whale, but nonetheless!)  I am free!

I could tell you it has been complete torture, so you will feel horrible for me and send me twizzler bites…but honesty is policy. While at certain moments I feel like ripping my temporarily smooth (prenatal vitamin enhanced) blonde hair and sprinting around the block, I have actually been enjoying this still time of bed-rest. Drew and I rarely are housebound. We wine, we dine, we adventure! Before this week, we have not put many hours into our white couch just “being.”  Sitting next to each other..reading all day…laughing..being quiet. Friends come and visit and we don’t go anywhere. We just sit.. It’s oddly refreshing.

Stillness is a joy that I rarely encounter. 
I love music. 
I love LOUD, CRAZY music even more. 
I love talking, yelling, singing.
I love dogs. 
I love street dance parties. 
I love talk radio. 
I love Laker games. 
I love people with sass and energy. 
I love Patty, the “Millionaire Matchmaker”
All of these things are wonderful and also, wonderfully noisy. 
I surround myself with noise..because I love noise. 
But as most things are in life, there is an intelligent balance that must be strived for. 
I could and would never ditch my love for noise, I am learning the gift of stillness. 
All things I am no good at, but am pursuing. Because, they are beautiful and just as important as me blasting Rhianna in the shower! (..I’m breakin dishes!!..)
35.5 Weeks ❤
It’s funny how you can learn life lessons when you are least expecting to.  

What do you have to say about it?

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