On being pregnant….

Things I won’t miss:

1. Sweating. All the time, doesn’t matter if its snowing out. It’s hot in huurrrrr!!

2. Not being able to put my own shoes on…without huffing and puffing and needing a break in-between each shoe tie.

3. Wearing the same shirt everyday, because it’s the only one that fits thats comfortable and not that frumpy.

4. Going on a 30 minute walk and needing an immediate 2 hour nap for recovery.

5. Shaving my legs, blindly.

6. Being stared at. Maybe I’m the first person they have seen pregnant, who knows.

7. Peeing 34 times a day.

Things I will miss:

1. People letting me cut in lines at the grocery store..strangers motioning me to go in front of them at the public restrooms with a big smile. Thanks guys!

2. Feeling her move across my belly and playing the “figure out what body part that was” game.

3. Her sweet baby hiccups.

4. Imagining laying my eyes on her sweet little face for the first time.

5. Having an inarguable excuse to eat one more piece of pizza…for the baby, she wanted it..she told me!

6. Being whistled at from behind and then turning around to show the freckle faced college boy my protruding stomach. Wanna take that whistle back sweetheart?

7. Hearing her heartbeat inside of me at the Doctor’s office.

Hope this made you laugh. As I excitedly wait for little Reese to join our family, I hope you have a magical day and let those pregnant ladies cut in front of you at the restrooms : )


This week in IPhone pictures…

Shamelessly rocking out to Selena Gomez  my new Target shades
Drew poaching an egg 

Dad on his 57th birthday on 3/13

Breakfast at Pacific Whey with little Ocean