Messy Monday

Am I the only one who is completely jacked up with this time change?

I already can’t figure out what day of the week it is, due to my current stage of not working and simply waiting for baby Reese to make her much anticipated grand appearance..Sunday’s feel like Tuesday’s and so forth. Now, I am also confused what time of day it is, so if you see a 5’9″ broad eating eggs and bacon at 3pm, smile and wave…..just smile and wave. Hello, messy Monday self.

I also feel out of place sitting here at Starbucks, creeping on their internet, strolling in..right past the register without purchasing a drink, with no intention of purchasing a drink. Starbucks coffee is nasty, I’m sorry..Starbucks free internet on the other hand, impeccable. I feel better when I see the woman across from me, in her jammies, drinking Coffee Bean. Phew, I’m fine.

For those of you who have been pregnant before, I now completely understand and empathize with you on what it feels like to be completely ready. Physically, emotionally, everythingly…Whenever you are ready babe, let’s do this girlfriend! It’s such a strange thing to know that any moment, my tummy can be overcome with waves and boom, bam, woosh..babe is ready to enter this world! That’s how it works, right? Boom, bam, woosh, baby??!!!

I want to thank ALL of you who prayed for baby Reese to “cook” a little longer in my tummy! I am so thankful that God answered our prayers and let her stay in there to grow and develop fully. Your support and prayers mean the world to our little family. Also, thank you to everyone who came out for one of her baby showers recently. She will no doubt be the best dressed, most cozy little babe in Newport Beach! She is so loved, and that makes me so incredibly happy.

I hope your day is FULL. By FULL I mean, of love. Of sacrificial love, give your time, give your encouragement. Be empty by the time you put your head on that pillow tonight. Give today all you have and I promise I will.

Drew picked out this little dress for Reese. ❤



2 thoughts on “Messy Monday

  1. Ty says:

    Speaking of creeping… Don't do any online banking or anything else important on public/free Internet like Starbucks!Hope she pops out soon!

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