Not So Perfect

Hello Friends. 

This past week I randomly stumbled upon one of my new absolute favorite women, Brene Brown. Check out her blog here. She is a doctor, speaker, author, genius, and everything else extraordinary. 
She has a few key words that come up frequently in the majority of her speaking and writing…Courage, Vulnerability, Imperfection to name a few…basically, embracing who YOU are fully and letting yourself be imperfect. 
This blog post has been inspired by her sassy research about loving who you are, craziness and all…thanks Brene! So here goes, I have decided to let you in on some of my secrets, quirks, and definite imperfections. Some silly, some serious…all me.
1. My feet smell. This is greatly influenced by my choice to go sock-less in my Nike’s. Nonetheless, my feet smell. While on the feet topic, no matter how many “callus remover gel” treatments I heels are hard as rocks. 
2. I often need someone to tell me they believe in me to really believe in myself. I wish this weren’t true. I desire to be a woman who has a can-do attitude and can be her own cheerleader..I can’t. I need to hear it from someone else who I love. 
3.  I spray tan. No, not the elegant “movie-star” mist at the tanning salon, but Loreal bronze spray from Target. Not going to lie, it works…streakless and UV free, baby. 
4. I pee’d my pants last week. Twice. Not even kidding. 
5. I’m horrible with Geography and History. I often have to google historical events that EVERYONE knows. Who was Hitler again?? : ) 
6. I don’t tell my parents I love them enough. This one totally bums me out, but I’m working on it. 
7. I suck at calling people back and picking up my phone. Not because I’m busy, but because I’m lazy. 
8. I feel better with makeup on. 
9. I often get anxious when I think about my future, or about death. 
10. Most of the time I would rather read Women’s Health than the Bible. Yikes!
I hope YOU feel like YOU know the real ME better now. There is such beautiful power in vulnerability and embracing the imperfect people we are. 
No need to share publicly (unless you want to.. : ) ) But, take some time and write down your imperfections. Embrace them, recognize them, and work on them. Give yourself Grace because God knows you are not perfect, only HE is..
I hope to raise my daughter in a home that teaches her where her value is. Not in her beauty, her accomplishments, or her spunk. She is valuable because she is a child of the King. Boom.