Our First Place

I remember, last April, walking through our empty little cottage on the boulevard and imagining being married to Drew. Cooking roast’s, making cookies, entertaining…o, the plans I had!

This week, Drew and I said goodbye to that little place in Newport and hello to his wonderful parents in Yorba Linda. Not a bad deal at all; a perfectly quiet, clean, spacious abode was waiting for us as we pulled up with all we have crammed in 2 SUV’s. Not to mention, 2 predictably huge smiles on Mimi and Papa’s faces! Kinda feels like a little vacation, honest.

As I drove away, Reese in the backseat sleeping, Drew in his Land Cruiser behind me….I thought back to the many times my folks would refer to their “first place.” They would look at one another and laugh…remember when we ate top ramen for a week straight so we could afford to pay the electricity bill….or that bird we had that never shut up…I looked at them and smiled, happy for them of course, but not knowing the depth of their conversation.

Our first place.

Where we slept our very first night as a married couple together (I won’t get into that..), figured out who is cleaner (him), sat on the counter drinking Pinot Noir, played scrabble, scored a patio table that fit our porch just right, walked across the street to dip our toes in the sand just as the sun was setting, discovered life changing take-out Thai food right down the street, where we brought Reese home from the hospital, I could go on and on.

One day, Drew and I will bore little Reese about our stories from that “first place” of ours. I never knew how many laughs were to be had at 130 e. Balboa.

So, adios “first place” and hello to the future, I can’t wait 🙂