"Cray Cray"

It’s hard to find a particular subject to blog about because I feel like I have one million things to share with you, invisible cyber world, you.

First things first. I must be going through some sort of mid-twenties growth spurt because I feel like God is stretching me in a way that I have never been stretched before. This season has not been easy. Exciting, challenging, ass-kicking, strength-giving, but not easy. More on this when I figure out what’s happening ; ) 
I fully believe in honesty, so here it is. Raising a little tot is crazy difficult! Especially when he or she is particularly fussy. There, I said it. Sometimes I feel like all mom’s talk about are the good times and what a joy it is. Don’t get me wrong, when I see my little girl in the morning, catch her smiling at her singing monkey, hold her in my arms as she falls asleep…I have experienced no greater joy… However, it’s “cray cray” as my 18 year old sister would say. 
The hardest part about it- right now, it requires me to be completely selfless. I suck at this, but shoot…I’m learning! 
There, I got that out. 
Now for top five moments this past week that I WISH I could have photographed for you. 
Yours truly, sweating to my 80’s “Band Method” workout DVD that I swooped from the library. Free DVD rentals people, get on it! 
Drew and I sitting in the Massage chairs at Brookstone for a full 30 minutes on a Friday night at South Coast Plaza, while wide-eyed Reese looked at her weak parents from her cozy Bugaboo stroller.  
Reese laying on her “mat” holding her singing monkey in one hand and her colorful crunchy dragonfly in the other with a big smile on her face. She literally would rather hang out with them than us. 
Drew searching for a burp cloth under our bed at 3am. 
Me, at 7:02am, in my pajamas…asking the construction dudes next door if they could PLEASE keep the racket to a minimum while my baby is SLEEPING!! (I just wish I would have had curlers in my hair and a green face mask on..next time)

The look on the ladies face at the toll booth when the Mercedes snuck under the gate with the car in front of him. 

Now, enjoy some moments I did catch. 

Milk drunk. 

Staring at the fan. So exciting. 

Etsy Headbands! Loooooove.

Sleeping on our daily walk on the beach. 

xo, JH


One thought on “"Cray Cray"

  1. Bethany says:

    Oh cousin! I so feel you! Adding this 4th bundle of joy has been HARD! She is one happy easy baby, but the 22 month old? Not so much! I wish I would have known what a crazy demanding toddler she would turn out to be before we were expecting her little sister! I just heard someone say, "All beginnings are hard" So true. I can't wait until its not hard anymore and its just normal. Oy!

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