Come run with me!

Happy Saturday. I am particularly happy today because little Reese decided to sleep for 7 hours straight last night. No joke. I let her sleep on the Tempur-Pedic mattress with me while Dad is was gone…hopefully she’s not addicted! gulp.

I decided I need a little motivation to get myself back in shape. I signed up for the Malibu half marathon and I am so excited about it. The race is in 189 days..plenty of time to work off the brownie sundaes I have been saying “yes” to the past 9 months ; )

I’m inviting YOU to run it with me!
Serious. Let’s do this.
We don’t have to literally run side by side, but sign your booty up, let me know and let’s keep each other accountable and get in shiz-ape.

If you have been wanting to challenge yourself physically, there is no better time than now.
Hit up my facebook or email me at if you want to join the team!

You can sign up for the run here.



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