Life Purpose Statement

Life purpose statement. Everyone should have one.

It just makes sense, you can tweak it as the years go by, but there is so much power in writing down what you stand for. 
My brother, Luke, helped me write it by suggesting this…
Write down 3 things you want to have (possessions). Write down 3 things you want to do. Write down 3 things you want to be. 
Somewhat ambiguous, but it will help you focus in on what or who you are living for. 
Here’s mine. 
Who I want to be
Bold. Joyful. Passionate. Creative. Confident.
What I want to do
Assist in others living to their fullest potential.
Be challenged and challenge others. 
Help others find their identity in Christ.
Live simply. 
What I want to have 
The means to provide my family with endless opportunities (education, travel, athletics)
A house with a backyard and a bath tub 🙂 
Life Purpose Statement

To live simply, embrace creativity, and accept challenge. To help others walk in confidence that they are children of God. To love as Christ loves me.

I hope you try this and it helps bring a little direction to your life, it did mine! 
Congrats to Mrs. Masone! 

This is how she sleeps sometimes.. 



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