Favorite Things- Reese Edition

Babies grow up too fast.

I mean like speedyracecarrapidlightining fast. 
I literally stare at Reese’s feet to make sure I don’t miss them being so tiny!
Here are few of my favorite things about Reese right here and right now. 
1. That she sleeps 11 hours a night. Selfish, yes, but one of my favorite things for sure!
2. How she looks when she’s sleeping. I think she might be an angel on earth, seriously. 
3. When she kicks her feet nonstop in utter joy when she’s in the bath with the lights low.
4. How she loves being on her back with her singing friends, or baby Einstein Pandora blasting so she can dance. 
5. She’s sensitive and doesn’t like new places. LOL. She will literally be straight faced for hours in a new place. 
6. Her little body stretching when I pick her up in the morning. 
Drew and I are eating this little girl up, honestly. 
We are totally those parents who talk about their baby all the time. Sorry, we can’t stop. 
Write down a list about someone you love and what your favorite things are about them today. It’s fun to see the list grow and change. 
And here are some of this week’s iPhone pix. 
Holding a sign for Daddy

Possibly my favorite day and favorite photo of my two loves. 

She looks at me like this all day. I really do wonder what she’s thinking sometimes haha. 

The best view at Mimi and Papa’s house. 

THIS is a Wednesday night. Yes please. 

Her morning glow. Cuddle time with Mama.