The Beginning

I can’t believe it’s been over 2 months since the late night that would change my life completely. 
March 22nd, a cool Thursday evening. 
Hunger Games came out that day at midnight and I had been dying to see it. 
My spontaneous husband decided to by tickets for the 12:01am show in Costa Mesa. 
Little did we know, we would not make the show!
Not but a few minutes later, Drew and I were in the kitchen and I was sitting on our Ikea island experiencing a contraction about every 10 minutes. I told him this might be the night.
We laughed.
We repacked the hospital bag for the 5th time. 
We paced the living room. 
We played scramble.
We popped popcorn.
After a few hours of labor at home, I decided it was time to head to Kaiser. Things were getting a little more painful!
(It’s SO weird walking up to the hospital knowing you will have a baby in the next couple of hours…everyone was too calm. Shouldn’t everyone be running around in haste, people screaming, fireworks, I don’t know..??) 
I was 4 cm. dilated and admitted immediately around 11:45pm. Drew sent a text to our folks and his…literally 2 seconds later, all four of them were in our room. 
By about 3am, I was experiencing the worst pain of my life. Hands down. No one told me that contractions are NO JOKE!
I soon kicked everyone out of the room, besides Drew, and struggled through some pretty gnarly contractions. Drew was holding me, whispering in my ear, being my cheerleader…thank you LORD for him! 
It was around 5am when I decided I could no longer take it and demanded my nurse to give me an epidural…Noooowww!!! (she later made a comment on how she thought I had split personalities…)
I was 8cm when I got the lifesaving epidural. I called the anesthesiologist a “God” about a million times before he left. 
The pain subsided for a bit and then I explained to the nurse I was feeling a whole bunch of pressure. She asked me a few questions and then started calling for the midwife and turning on heat lamps. Bah!!! I remember thinking, no way. This is going to happen right now. I started pushing and around 7:20, little Reese made her debut. 
She cried, of course, but I’ll never, ever forget seeing her little face for the first time. Drew held her and she made eye contact with him for a couple of seconds. 
I had died and gone to heaven. 
6 pounds and 13 oz for us to kiss on. 
The next couple of weeks were a complete blur. From visitors, to sleepless nights, and hours and hours of starring at the little girl that changed our lives for the better. 
We hadn’t planned for Reese, but my goodness, God knew just what he was doing when he gave us this little angel. 
She makes our life SO complete and full of so much joy. My favorite thing in the world is to watch Drew hold her and have a full on “coo” conversation. 
Here she is at 1 week…enjoy 🙂

I love the softness of this shoot and her funny little snarls and content demeanor. 
Thanks Bryan Pogue for capturing our precious daughter. 

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