The older I get the weirder I get, no doubt. It’s extremely hilarious to stop and think about your (your name here)isim’s…the things YOU do and most others probably don’t.

Get to know my “isms” in ten steps.

Step one. 
I thinks it’s completely normal to walk around stark naked upstairs when my in-laws (with whom I live with) are downstairs. 
Step two. 
I often do full sprints around the house as fast as I can. Why not. 
Step three. 
Once I gets in bed, I usually get back up to floss. I purposely did not floss after brushing because I think its annoying and I get bad vibes thinking about people flossing and then looking at the food they got out. It’s a constant battle. 
Step four.
 As soon as Reese goes down for a nap, I start watching videos of her and look at her pictures. Sometimes for the full duration of her nap. 
Step five. 
I tweeze my eyebrows in the morning and at night. Sometimes midday as well. It’s ridiculous.
Step six. 
I enjoy living with my in-laws, they enjoy ice-cream and HGTV as much as I do. 
Step seven. 
I have bleached every single towel and wash cloth I own with my Benzoyl face wash. 
Step eight. 
If I see anyone in public with a dog or a baby, I try my hardest to cross paths with them..hoping for a slobbery face-lick from the dog, or baby. 
Step nine. 
I love all things Asian. The people, the ramen, the grocery stores, the toys…
Step ten. 
I often sneak downstairs in the middle of the night for a snack. 99% of the time, it’s a handful of salted pistachios. 

I love YOU and YOUR uniqueness! It’s such a fun thing to be different than every other person.

Here is my week in iPhone pix. Enjoy and have a lovely Saturday night, bedtime for me!

She LOVES her bath time, it’s the sweetest moment of my day. 

These are the types of pictures I send to my husband when he’s working. 

All cozy in Momma’s bed. Those jams don’t fit her anymore! tear!!

Tiny feet. 

On our Palm Spring’s getaway. Sooo incredibly fun. 

Best friend. 

Stopped to snap this shot on my run in YL!

I was having a great hair day and had to document!



4 thoughts on “Jeniece-isims

  1. The Chef Doc says:

    Loved reading this post, Jeniece πŸ™‚ You're too much fun! Have you tried Korean soondubu? It's the soft tofu soup dish. So tasty! My favorite is always the mushroom soondubu.

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