Google History

Does anyone else use Google more than they blink?

….”Hold on, let me check…(frantically enter …what time does the sun set?….when does summer begin?…best meatball recipe…)..and viola! Instant gratification. Sound familiar?

So here it is, my Google search history for the past 72 hours, along with an attempt for an explanation. I  didn’t skip any, promise.
(Check yours, it’s pretty telling..and hilarious!)

“Sean Lowe”- anyone who watches Bachelorette has googled this name. Next Bachelor anyone??

“Bachelorette recap”- Yes, I watched it, but I LOVE those hilarious sarcastic recaps (and spoilers) 🙂

“Pro bono”- Definitely knew what this meant in a past life, but had to google it before I used it confidently in a conversation.

“Exercises for 3 month old baby”- Needed to see if there are any fun ways to make little Reese as strong as she can be!

“Luke Bryan, Drunk on You”- I’m officially a country girl, and very old school. I google this music video almost every morning while I make my coffee. Yes, I know ITunes exists, but I love me some MySpace music videos! Top 8 baby!

“Nordstrom Shoes”- gulp, obsession.

“Brea Mall Hours”- Sunday night, I left the babe with my In-laws and was headed to the mall! Only to google this and find out it closes INSANELY early on the weekends. Bust. Off to Yogurtland instead…

“Yorba Linda Bowl”- Needed to check out their hours…my dirty little secret…I’m an amazing bowler..I know, I mother must be SO proud.

SO PROUD of little sister, Haley. Marina class of 2012.

Wishing Dad Good Luck. 2 seconds later she screamed for him. 

My Dad, sporting his fathers day gift..a new hat!

For those of you who know me, I am obsessed with Dogs. Particulary funny pictures of dogs. Found this one on Pinterest with the caption “Bored? Draw eyebrows on your dog.” Dying. 

There ya have it. You totally know me better now. Go check your history, you might have a good laugh. Better yet, check your friends or husbands! (ask first, of course…)

Have a fab Tuesday (had to check my phone for what day it was….what would I do without it??) 

What do you have to say about it?

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