That’s What She Said

At a dear friend of mine, Anna’s wedding. 

I got to hold precious little Olive! Angel’s sweet baby

Hanging out at home. Very stunned by the whole thing, really. 

I am a words person.
Finding the perfect word to describe an emotion makes my day.
Hearing encouraging words from people I love shoots me to the moon with excitement.
Things people say, a huge deal. My love language is “Words of Affirmation.” Shocker!
Yep, this is a total feminine quality of mine and I couldn’t be more proud : )

Here is my first rendition of a series I am calling,
 “And I Quote”

“I wish we could have her out here in the hallway so we could just watch her sleep.” – My sweet husby referring to our daughter. Can he get any sweeter?

“We just ran out of iced coffee, can I get you something else…?!?!” -Barista at Starbucks after I had already paid. Whhhuuuut, I don’t understand!!

“Can I use this 40% off Yelp check-in offer?”- Me, after I unashamedly (not really) checked in to “A Touch of Romance” Awkward.

“Everyone come in here and look at my chub thigh’s!” -Reese

“Did you have any dreams?” -What my husband asks our 3.5 month old daughter every morning.

“Let’s be more edgy” -Me to my husband.

“Should I start the coffee or hope she goes back to sleep?” – My husband at 6am when Reese started stirring.

“I don’t like my bed! It’s lonely and boring…hold me!”-Reese

“I must have not been looking!” – To the room of people who watched me walk straight into a screen last night. (Insert beat red face HERE)

Have a fab, fab day. Seriously, be fabulous.



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