I guess it’s not the “stuff”


My mother-in-law, little Laurie ( literally little, 4’11” to be exact) and sis-in-law, Bek, went on a road trip yesterday. (Why do you get so exhausted after a road trip? I came home and felt like I had just ran 6 miles) Nope, just sat there and ate cheese with apples in the backseat.

Road trips are great for conversation.Drew and I had some of our BEST premarital conversations on road trips. You can’t leave or get too distracted, you kinda have to just work it out if something hard/awkward/serious comes up.

I asked the ladies what their favorite day would consist of. We laughed about pampering, and how we would all be perfectly okay with getting a pedi, mani, facial, and a swedish massage every day. Every single day, could you imagine? lol

Laurie was puttering the house in her PJ’s all day while Bek was reading a great book with a Coffee Bean iced tea in hand. I explained mine as I imagined myself on the beach volleyball court all day.

After we went our separate ways, I thought about what my perfect day really was. I had one recently.

Drew came home from work, exhausted, poor guy. Being married to a Firefighter/Paramedic, you become accustomed to this. He works SO hard on No sleep, it’s ridiculous.

Sleepy Drew, coffee in hand, Reese on her mat singing, perfection. We had a few errands to run and we finished them off with a walk around South Coast Plaza. Reese was in her Baby Bjorn sling on Drew’s tummy. Perrfeecct. We grabbed a cookie, (4 cookies…. gulp), ran into an old friend at JCREW, laughed as Reese talked with strangers.

We drove home, hand in hand. Perfection.

Homemade pizza’s were next (which Drew threw on the BBQ and turned out Uhhhmazing!)..recipe soon..o, and wine. (just assume there is always wine) Reese fast asleep, perfect.

It’s not the stuff, after all. It’s not the unlimited free time that makes my day perfect. The pampering, the shopping spree, It’s my family.

Does this mean I’m a boring grown up now??



4 thoughts on “I guess it’s not the “stuff”

  1. Hester says:

    You’re not a boring grown-up now, Jeniece 🙂 You’ve just figured it out early enough and won’t be wandering through your later years trying to figure it out! It’s good that you got it early 🙂 Your day with Drew sounded just lovely. Hope you have a great weekend! Oh, and yes, grilled pizzas are AMAZEBALLS!

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