“I’m just not a dessert person”

I love brownies. cookies. chocolate malts. mud pie. cheesecake. lemon bars. strawberry short cake. pretty much anything that’s deliciously naughty and gooey..and lots of it please! 

When, not if, I have an entire pan of brownies with mint chip cream, I was always able to “just work it off” the next day. was.

Welp, ladies..having a baby changes a few (butt, underbutt, boobs, tummy..) body parts. Particularly the way they look to the naked eye, in the mirror,in your clothes, out of your clothes, take it from me. The pan of brownies WILL show now. damn. 

Makes me despise those people, you know who I’m talking about… “I’m just not really a sweets person..” or the worst, “I would just rather have broccoli than chocolate..” might have made that last person up, but I’m sure they exist. sick, sick people. 

So this is it, my public confession of love for anything naughty and drizzled with chocolate. Inspired by my brother and my love for health and wellness, I am cutting out. Not completely, don’t worry! I’m cutting down to one dessert a week. For me, this is madness. Absolute madness. Starting today, I will have dessert on Saturday only. 

I’m nervous. What will I do when I sleepwalk downstairs and have 2 fistfuls of Ghiradelli brownies?? Well, hopefully that happens on a Saturday. 

Cheers to feeling well and honoring the body God has given me. Boom. 

ps. I would rather have Reese 5,000 times than my old body back..just a disclaimer ; ) 



Here is a picture of Reese in the hot tub. My top moment family moment of all time. She loved it.Image




10 thoughts on ““I’m just not a dessert person”

  1. tiffany says:

    You can do it! I am so a dessert person. I am also a very large caramel frappucino person. Hahaha!!! I had to make some changes. My body did not bounce back like i thought it would after having Sean. Way to go Jeniece!!

    Oh and that little girl of yours is ADORABLE!!

  2. Moriah H says:

    Just so you know, I LOVE reading your blog. I so wish we would have grown up together, I think we could totally be best friends 😉 Haha!! I would love to meet your adorable family someday. There is a chance we may be moving to Riverside, CA next year for Wesley’s residency…not sure exactly where you live, but maybe we could do play dates!

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