What I wish I knew when I was pregnant.

That your hormones were going to sneak up and attack you, leaving me lost, inconsistent, excited, depressed…every 15 minutes. O, and that you will cry. A LOT. and it’s pretty much okay that you do so. Eat some Thai food, it usually helps.

Giving birth is VERY painful. No joke. People who say it’s not are liars..(or VERY lucky!!!) Get an epidural ( if that is congruent with your morals) Contractions are THE WORST pain you will ever feel in your life. Hands down.

Be honest and think about who you really want in the delivery room with you. I just had my hubby and it really is a special moment for you two. Think about it.

Expect to NOT SLEEP for the first few weeks. Your babe will need to adjust to his or her new schedule. Think of it as an all-nighter. You know, those fun ones with popcorn, studying, movies..except it’s a crying babe. (It gets WAY better REALLY fast.) But be prepared for some of the hardest weeks of your life.

Becoming a Mom is a huge, huge, HUGE adjustment. Give yourself tons of grace and time to adjust. Caring for someone else and not just yourself is one of the biggest things I had to adjust to.

Connecting with your partner will be more of a challenge. So be intentional. Have your mom/someone you trust watch the baby so you can spend one on one time with your hubby…even if it’s for a nap, just the two of you!

Breastfeeding, if you choose to do so, is a full time job. It’s absolutely amazing, but it takes a lot of work and makes your hormones crazy, again.

You won’t just “bounce back” after you have your baby (I totally thought I would, lol.) Give your body a break from exercising, etc and just let it heal. You WILL feel better eventually! πŸ™‚

Life will be completely different. No joke. In the most amazing, indescribable way. But life, as you know it, will change drastically.

All the baby products are pretty much overkill. Get the basics, and then wait to have your baby and see what you actually NEED and what your baby prefers.

There will be hard days and then there will be amazing days. Lean into both. Let yourself FEEL. Being around other Mommas who GET IT is HUGE.

I’m sure there is so much more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you πŸ™‚

Feel free to add to the list, friends. Remember that these are JUST my opinions, but things I wish someone would have told me. Take it with a grain of salt. XO



3 thoughts on “What I wish I knew when I was pregnant.

  1. Joe Chavez says:

    Hey Jenice!

    Tiff Harper shared your blog’s link on Facebook. Just love fellow bloggers!

    My wife went thru some post-partum to add to your lst. I think if we–as parents–knew what we were committing to ahead of time, we might not do it, so to speak. But for all the sleepless nights and parental frustrations, it really wasn’t until we had our son did I appreciate how God sees us as children. Even then it’s but a shadow of His perfect love.

    So happy for you and Drew. Little Reese is precious!


  2. Corianne says:

    I seriously can’t stop reading your blog. I’m 7months pregnant with my first, a Christian, and pretty much (not in a bad way) obsessed with your sweet self/family! You remind me so much of… me. Loved reading your take on things you wished you knew. I’m taking notes!

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