3 things and coffee.

As I sit here, mug in hand, I feel three things.

One, a tad (just barely) guilty because I’m attempting to replace my full blown coffee (with 1/2 cup creamer) addiction with a strong cup of green tea each morning. That is definitely NOT happening right now. I’m giving myself some needed grace, see #2.

Exhausted. Didn’t go to sleep until 1am this morning. (Went out with some new girlfriends and then came home and chatted with my brother for an hour) WORTH IT.

Content. My life doesn’t look like what I had imagined at 25. I pictured Drew and I, long boarding in Indonesia or starting a nonprofit in Santa Domingo. Nope, not right now. Right now I am on my couch while my baby sleeps. I can’t get that girl to stop smiling these days. She absolutely loves life. While I am open and listening for our next adventure, I am at peace right here, right now. With what I have and who I’m with.