Hello, Newport Beach!


A few of the girls from Stacy’s bachelorette party in SD this past weekend.


She sleeps on her belly now. I pretty much check on her every 5 seconds. Image

She literally watched this whole 5 minute show, just like this.

Am I the only one who can’t stop watching the Olympics? Rooting for the underdog, yelling at the television, jumping with excitement, forgetting I had anything on the agenda for the day. knew I wasn’t the only one!!

Life update. Drew, Reese, and I are moving! We spent our first year in a little Newport Beach cottage, then moved in with his folks while we were figuring out our next move!!

And now…drumroll please…here we come, Newport Beach.

Ha, full circle. I guess you could say we belong at the beach. We’re renting a little beach condo with a huge bedroom for little Reese. (The reason I mention this is because she slept in the hallway at our old place! shh..don’t tell).

I can hardly wait.

Our own little space to start our next chapter…

Where Reese will take her first steps.

The sun fading as our bare feet are cold in the sand.

A new door for Drew to walk through when he comes home early in the morning.

A countertop that will be messy with spaghetti sauce, coffee grounds, and spilled formula.

A new floor to plop our couches for cozy nights in.

Where we will set up Reese’s crib for the first time.

So if you are in Newps, you know where to stop by for an iced tea…or a margarita (on a good day).



3 thoughts on “Hello, Newport Beach!

  1. Stacy says:

    I can’t WAIT to have you close again! I’ll be dropping by for the margarita or some wine, and to love on you and Reese. And now that you’re close again you’ll be stopping by our little love nest for the same reasons! LOVE YOU J!!

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