If you really knew me..

This post was inspired by my childhood friend, Moriah, who did a post like this yesterday.


If you really knew me

You’d know I hate doing laundry but love doing dishes.

You’d know I miss having a close community at church.

You’d know I feel the most like myself when I’m outdoors.

You’d know that being a Mom has made me a more loving, patient person.

You’d know my whole world stops when my husband walks in the door.

You’d know that on hard days I call my best friend from high school.

If you really knew me 

You’d know sometimes I dream of being a missionary.

You’d know I have a hard time telling people I need them.

You’d know It makes my day when someone randomly stops by the house.

You’d know I can always find room in my stomach for frozen yogurt.

You’d know that I believe in having music on at all times.

You’d know sometimes I feel like I’m not the best Mom.

If you really knew me..

You’d know I don’t like wearing makeup.

You’d know that having people over for dinner is my favorite.

You’d know I’m full of empathy.

You’d know I have a stack of books that I’ve only read the first 2 chapters of.

You’d know I put way to much creamer in my coffee.

You’d know my heart melts when I see my mom with Reese.

You’d know that going on a walk with Drew is the highlight of my day.

You’d know I love watching Millionaire Matchmaker.

You’d know I try to see how long I can go without washing my hair.





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