Guestblogger-Reese Harris.

Hanging in Portland

Reese and Drew checking out our plane. (check out those cute feet)

Touching a flower in Portland.

Guestblogger, Reese, with a few things to say about her 5 month-day.

I love airports. I could people watch all day, and the airport really is one of the best places to do this. Church is good too. I like people with glasses and babies too.

While airports are fab, flying is not. Taking off and landing makes my ears hurt so I scream at the top of my lungs while Mom and Dad try to shove things in my mouth. Everyone is staring at me too, don’t their ears hurt?

I fall asleep in Mom and Dad’s arms sometimes and they talk about it like its the greatest thing ever. Sometimes Mom even cries when I do it.

Peas are delicious. Green beans, not so much. Apples are okay too. But Peas…I could eat those all day, er’y day.

I don’t really like being in my stroller, or my carseat. I would rather be swimming in my grandma’s pool or in the tub with Dad.

I love the Television, Mom’s keys, her cell phone, her wallet…whatever I can put in my mouth that’s hers. Bags, cups, and paper are fun too.

I get bored very easily, so I appreciate when my toys are rotated every few minutes. When I say my toys, I mean the wallet, cell phone, etc.

I sleep for 11 hours a night. Mom and Dad applaud me for this every morning.

I hang with my family a lot. Us three, we’re a tight bunch.

I kind of look like an old man with my balding head, but I am getting this cool new blonde hair coming in, so I guess it’s worth it.

It’s an hour and 45 minutes past my bedtime, so I gotta bounce.

Baby Reese


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