Thanks, gas man.

You ever have those moments where the inner-pre-Madonna-princess shows it’s awful face and you are glad no one was watching? Our gas got turned off by accident yesterday and I had one of those moments.

OMG. heart stops. I can’t make cookies!!!!!(notice how I mentioned the MOST IMPORTANT first)I can’t use the stove to fry my salmon for lunch…a COLD shower?! Nooo….what about that laundry I wanted to do before tomorrow…what about…what about…I deserve this. 

deserve ________. 

Really Jeniece, reallllyyyyyy. 

Stop, be thankful. deep breath.

Thankful that you have access to clean water when so so many do not. Be thankful that I can have a hot shower whenever I want, sometimes twice a day (why are hot showers THE MOST relaxing escape as a Momma?!)

Be thankful.

It’s kind of ridiculous admitting that my world fell apart for two seconds. Be thankful, Jen.

Such a little mishap but made way for a wonderful reminder.

I then took a cold shower and expressed my thankful heart by singing Rhianna at the top of my lungs. I’m sure my neighbors were thankful!

Here are some fam pix with our little bee.