Pause please.

I wish I could pause life.

Press pause and sit back, feel the moment, embrace it deeply. Notice the detail, appreciate, smile.

I would have pushed pause last night.

Reese was fast asleep. Drew and I, even more in love than yesterday. Just home from our  road trip, just the two of us. Sleepy from the days travels; overwhelmed with friendship…chatting about the joy of coming home to Reese.

A blanket lay across the living room floor as we practice (our version of) Yoga. We stretch, we laugh, we snuggle. Pause.

Reese is so beautiful. She is getting so big, it could bring me to tears this very moment.

She swam her little heart out today.

Kicked, splashed, shrieked with glee in her swim diaper.

Pause, please.

How does it get any better than this?

Feeling thankful.



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