Just tell them.


As a new wife and new mother, I feel like I am constantly learning about myself. The good, the bad, the things that need to change, and the things I must just plain ‘ol accept.

Like when I hear the advice…just stop at one brownie…playing over and over in my mind, I don’t listen. ever. and I’m okay with that. I reach for my second, or third, with a smile. Life is dull without little splurges that make your heart race. Or your tummy happy.

Or when I complain that none of my friends have been checking up on me, then I realize that I have been acting like I have it all together…makeup done, hair done, dinner in the crockpot, big smile…how would they know that I need some extra encouragement.

Or that vein on my leg from pregnancy. Embrace it, baby.

Over-communication. I’m learning.

Spell it out for people. Literally. Sounds ridiculous and sometimes selfish, but boy, it’s best in the long run.

“Babe, I need some encouragement today. Verbal encouragement.” Also See: Please complement me in every way possible right now, and I’ll be better than ever in 5 minutes. 

“Babe, I feel this way when you fill in the blank…”

I even have to over communicate with myself.

“Jen, self. You only have one chance at this day. Live it well. You are the happiest when you are giving, not receiving. Go give.

“Best friend. I love when you call me to check up on me. Sometimes all it takes is 2 minutes for me to feel loved and appreciated.” boom.

“Mom. This mom thing is hard for me sometimes, I love when you come over and love on Reese so I can take a shower.”

Communication. I majored in it people, and it still gets overlooked every day.

Do it. Tell your friends, your hubby…yourself…what YOU need.

It really is just that simple.


Bargain hunter. Old Navy Shoes. H&M tank and skirt. $30.00

Sweet Reese in her highchair


5 thoughts on “Just tell them.

  1. bobbie says:

    how cute are you?!? and how adorable is your daughter?!?

    i really need to work on my communication skills every day… marriage has really opened my eyes to a whole new way of communicating. it’s more delicate in certain situations (so i can get what i want) and more stern at times to really prove a point. but this is something my husband & i really struggle with… thanks for posting!

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