French toast and Friday nights.

It’s Friday night.

I have whole wheat french toast drizzled in real maple syrup to my right.

To my left is a semi-messy living room with the Food network on to cut the silence of the night.

Behind me is my kitchen with more than a few dishes in the sink, a candle burning, and baby toys all over the counter.

I’m wearing one of my husbands t-shirts and still not sure if I’ll shower tonight.

My hair has fallen out from the day’s bun and my skin is not at it’s best.

This is life.

It’s so unique and beautiful.


This is not how my life is portrayed online. On Facebook, through my Pinterest boards, my online albums debuting my new color of lipstick and dream destinations with a smiling baby in my lap.

Don’t be fooled.

Those moments that are documented online are the few. The lesser. The in-betweens.

If my life was accurately photographed, you would see a messy kitchen and a few pimples on my face. You would see tired 2 am feedings. You would see Drew and I with big bags under our eyes as we go to sleep, hand in hand.

Friday nights with french toast and toys all over the counter.

Don’t be fooled. This is the life. The good, messy, accurately portrayed life.







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