A Feisty Monday

It’s probably dangerous and a horrible idea for me to blog right now.

I’m feisty, exhausted, and think I’m really funny today.

Does anyone have those days? When everything they say is really funny….to them…no one else thinks so.

I have a little list for you tonight.

It’s called What not to say to Moms. 

(note: these have all, at one time or another, been said to me…in person)

“This is a great stage, they can’t talk yet. Just wait, she’ll be sassing you before you know it.” (This comment was from today at Kaiser, which inspired this post)

“He’s sooooo handome!!!” (As she is LITERALLY wearing a pink polka dot shirt)

“You’re life is completely over, will never be the same. It doesn’t end at 18”

“Why did you guys have kids so early?”

“It goes by so fast, before you know it, she’ll be sneaking out of the house!”

“I’m so glad my kids are out of the house already”

“I bet you haven’t slept in days!!”

“These are the easy years, just wait!”

People are crazy, I love it…but honestly, a simple “she’s precious” will work ; ) Having a baby in your arms opens up conversation more than you’ll ever know.

Hope you are having a feisty Monday.




3 thoughts on “A Feisty Monday

  1. Hester says:

    Oh what a day, Jeniece. In the end, you know she’s absolutely special and brings you so much joy 🙂 I recommend a lovely walk on the boardwalk at the beach (is there one? I forget) across the street from you tomorrow morning while it’s still cool out with the little dudette. A stroll, a stroller, a Starbucks in hand, and one of my lemon almond scones!

    • themorningmug says:

      O my goodness, that’s the absolute perfect morning!! What’s in my starbucks cup??!! 🙂 There is no boardwalk right across from us, but I walk a bit North and Huntington has a good one! xoxo

  2. Corianne says:

    Oh my gosh, my BIGGEST annoyance with being pregnant with my first… the “just wait…” comments as I share about exciting milestones! I could kill people (I wouldn’t).

    Glad to see it doesn’t end after Baby is born. Oyyy.

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