Still today.

Β  My bow baby

Be Still and KNOW that I AM GOD.

Be still.

Be still.

What does this even mean?

Is it even possible?

I have been meditating on this verse in order to bring it to my center, my focal point…my life verse.

To understand it in that deep,words saturating through your bones and into your soul, kind of way.

Painting. Andrew Bird playing softly in the background. Stillness.

This was my yesterday afternoon. Still and beautiful.

I felt like I was inside of an ivy covered cottage in the middle of nowhere.

Grey smoke escaping the chimney and a blackberry pie in the oven.

Stillness. So life-changing important.

Even if it’s only for half an hour, or 5 minutes. Be still.

Think about what YOU believe in. Who YOU are. What decorates your life. Turn on YOUR favorite music.

Every single day.

You have time.




2 thoughts on “Still today.

  1. thelittleredhorse says:

    It s so hard to “be still” with little ones, isn’t it?!?!? That is something I am learning to try to do right now too… not just send up a prayer real quick and keep moving, but really stop, be still, and listen for his voice.
    great post – and thanks for the follow!!!!

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