6 months of giggles.

I have a 6 month old..I’m sorry, what?

Where was I? Who sped up time? Is this what people mean when they say life goes by too fast..?


I have to say, this past month has been my absolute favorite since Reese has been born.

It’s unexplainably delightful when your little one starts becoming who he or she is. Their personality begins to peek through and you can do nothing but simply melt. Like a lime popsicle on a day like today (even though it’s…fall???) It’s nothing I did, she is just being who God made her to be and it’s an absolute honor to watch her blossom.

Reesie Mae in a nutshell:

She sings. She talks. She wales at the top of her lungs. Especially when something with a string or a tag is being dangled in front of her.

She laughs when we nuzzle her neck or blow raspberries in her arm pit. Making a weird noise (think alien) is also a sure bet for laughter.

She snuggles when she’s sleepy and when she just ate.

She loves being outside. Whether it’s toes in the sand, watching the waves, wiggling for strangers, swimming in the pool, or destroying roses. Loves it.

Bath time with Dad  is the best…for swimming and talking to the girl rubber duckie.

She loves the nursery at church (thank GOD!) She would rather hang out with her peers than Mom and Dad any day!

Her favorite toys are STILL keys, paper, water bottles, Mom’s necklace, the glass door of the shower, Mom’s makeup bag, wallets, iPod’s, iPhones, coffee cups (preferably full of hot coffee), bags, Dad’s sunglasses…you get the picture.

She is full of joy, of laughter, of smiles, of wiggles.

I cannot, CANNOT imagine my life without her.

Isin’t it funny how God knows exactly what He’s doing?




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