Cats and a 7 month Reese.

First things first, go get T Swift’s new album. Put it on repeat and fall in love. It makes you dance, sing, and feel like a 16 year old, so be prepared. Warn yo neighbors.

Secondly, google “cats doing funny things” and watch a few You Tube videos. Drew and I were up until 11pm last night peeing our pants laughing so hard. I was literally crying. Yes, I am suggesting 11pm is ridiculously, unreasonably late.

Lastly, it was time to celebrate my little bubs turning 7 months last Tuesday. Here are a few memories and milestones of her this past month.

Still sleeping like a baby. Not exactly sure you can say that an actual baby is sleeping like a baby, but I just did. Also, babies don’t sleep, so the phrase is offensive and confusing.

Reese loves people food. She will do pretty much anything to sneak a lick of a cupcake frosting or anything else that has sugar in it. I am not quite sure how she knows whats dessert and whats not..but believe me, she knows. Must be in our blood.

She still loves being outside more than anything. Chasing birds, babbling with strangers, eating sand, picking roses and shoving them in her mouth, anything outside.

She wiggles. While she drinks her bottle. When she hears Dad playing the Ukulele. When a stranger acknowledges her. When we get her out of the carseat. When she sees her Mimi Harris or Grandpa Shane (Her two current favorites, other than her parents, of course…). Especially when she sees other kids or babies, wiggling for days.

She laughs, army crawls, eats peas and sweet potatoes like it’s going out of style, loves her Mum mum’s, and hates being alone.

She is getting more beautiful by the second. She brings so much joy to everyone she meets.

She loves life, which makes us love our life even more.

One of my favorite things about being me right now is when the world disappoints me, I look at Reese and Drew and my life is complete. I don’t really need much else. Funny cat videos maybe.