Sitting down and new friends.

Uh oh….

Reese helps me make friends, she really does. Whether I’m in the “friend-making” mood or not.

Everywhere we go, she wants to meet EVERYONE. She starts with staring down the person (which is everyone) she wants to talk to, starts jumping in my arms towards that person until she gets their attention. Literally launches herself in their direction.

Reese’s outgoing personality has gotten me into counteless conversations, simple hello’s, and sometimes meeting some pretty amazing people.

This past Friday afternoon, Reese and I were walking towards the beach when she spotted her next victim, she stared, she jumped, she screamed, we stopped. Her name was Sue. She had short brown hair and wore thin wire-framed glasses. She was holding a book about hiking and greeted us with excitement. She coo’d at Reese and talked “baby” to her.

What she did next surprised me.

She sat down.

Right there on the neighbors front porch. Her book was placed next to her and she held out her arms.

Before I knew it, Sue and Reese were dancing, singing, and playing peek-a-boo.

She was visiting from Connecticut to see her second son. Her husband loves to hike and she loves teaching.

Thirty minutes went by speedily. We laughed, talked about Yosemite, Toyota’s, and being a Mom.

She never got up. She wasn’t rushing off to the next appointment. She just sat there, talking with strangers.

We said good-bye and she told Reese, “You made my day!”

Sue got me thinking. How often do I sit down.

Just sit down to talk to a stranger. Talk to them about life, experiences, wisdom, listen, slow down.

Thanks Reese for helping me meet my neighbors, strangers, and new friends.

Thanks Sue for sitting down to chat with us.

Thanks Sue for your encouragement and insight about being a mom.

You’re wonderful.



2 thoughts on “Sitting down and new friends.

  1. tiffanyharper says:

    Wow. What a great post to start off my Monday. I rarely sit and just chat with my neighbor. My introverted self likes to keep quiet and keep to my own thing. My outgoing daughter often finds new friends and I wish I could be like her. I think I will try just a little harder to engage with others. Thanks Jeniece!

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