Smelling the jasmine

What is so mysteriosuly satisfying about enjoying dessert, legs under the covers, in bed. Is it just me?

I’m currently eating a tiny portion of apple crisp (because that’s the rest of it, not because I’m disciplined in portion control when it comes to apple crisp..nope)..savoring each bite. Finger-licking-breaking-the-rules-satisfying.

When not thinking about desserts in bed, I have been enjoying my little Reese babe more than anything. She babbled a clear “Dada” in the bathtub the other day that truly made our hearts stop and our world suddenly felt complete. (at least Drew’s did, still waiting for the “Mama-you gave birth to me, Mama..” anyone?

I have to admit my most recent fascination/obsession to you. Introducing Reese to new things. Whether it’s a piece of french toast (note:not good for babies), the neighbors decorative cobwebs, how birds fly away if you chase them, that certain plants are soft while other ones are spikey, that school buses are big and loud, but the driver is usually really nice, I just can’t stop. I often want her to start crawling, just so she can know how it feels and how exciting it is (then I put her on a blanket and she stays in one spot and I think it’s just fine that she’s not crawling quite yet). ; )

I forgot how sweet jasmine smelled until I went on walks with Reese. She stops to feel every flower and I stop with her. Smelling them, in no hurry, taking in the intricately detailed blossoms that might smell like what heaven smells like.

She helps remind me that life is simple, but the little things shouldent go unnoticed.

I’ve never had more peace in my life than I do today. Not because I sleep through the night and have nothing to do all day (yeah….nope!) I have more peace because I have been stopping to smell the jasmine plants..seeing life through her eyes. Where the sky is blue and bright, and that in and of itself is exhilirating. Where touching something slimy or laying on the floor is the best part of the day.

Life is so, so beautiful.



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