Age, a beautiful thing?

I don’t have much for you this morning besides a thought that has been in the back of my mind since last weekend.

It was lunchtime and I sat at a table with 8 ladies who were much older than myself (my favorite kind of ladies).

We chatted about babies, weather, and somehow got on the subject of age.

One of the women sat back and laughed. She exclaimed through nervous laughter that she never tells anyone her age, and when she does, she lies. The sweet lady next to me rolled her eyes and said “40’s coming up, I’m not looking forward to it.” They babbled on about wrinkles, surgery, and unwanted birthday celebrations.

I know this is an AGE OLD (no pun intended) subject, but it got me thinking about our value systems.

What is beauty? Why should we be afraid to age? What are we afraid or ashamed of as the years grace us?

Why are wrinkles, sagging body parts, crow’s feet, laugh lines, grey hair negative things?

Why don’t we, generally speaking, see these traits as beautiful?

I hope to age gracefully, not externally speaking…I will age just like the rest. Grey hair. Wrinkles.  Bring it on.

I aspire to age gracefully on the inside.

That I can become MORE like Christ as the years come and go. I can acquire more wisdom about life, love, and relationships.

That when I’m 40…50…60…I can LOVE my age. Be proud of it and not wish for a younger number.

That no matter what my external beauty communicates, my inner-beauty becomes more beautiful with time.

Just a thought. What do YOU think.





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