“Be Yourself”

Engagement Picture by Kevin Rogers

The day we celebrated Reese being a girl.

Our Wedding Day.

I am a devotee to all facets of Andrew Harris (The handsome man who holds my hand). I truly believe he makes the most delicious pizza and tells stories better than anyone I know. He has the most futuristic, thought provoking ideas and will stop at nothing to make a dream come true for a stranger. He also happens to be a brilliant writer. With his permission, I would like to share with you a free write Drew composed about his Grandfather. 

Grab a cup of joe and I’m sure you’ll be pleased at the least. 




I did everything in that riverbed that I wanted. Bellied into drainage pipes, stabbed dead rodents with my sharpened bamboo spears, collected rocks and threw dirt clods high into the trees to watch them rain back into my eyes. A day with my grandparents was a righteous vacation for a little dude like myself.

Bud Harris, never caught combless, iced tea connoisseur, and the most steadfast gentle giant that I wish everyone could have met. He would spend hours cutting my gathered bamboo stalks to the various lengths I would dictate. It was like Subway, I would stand on my toes peering at him as each stick met the old humming bandsaw. I can’t help but smile as I write this… He knew full well that with each pointy stick, my arsenal grew!

He died a while ago and he passed on some advice that has really been messing me up. Maybe it was serving in a war, or being married for 50 years, or maybe.. he was just a wise wise man.

“Just be yourself.”

That phrase has scuttled my views, and dismantled the machines that the world constructs on my minds porch.

I have not been myself. I have embraced other people’s aspirations as my own. And to be expected, when I put on other people’s dreams… they don’t fit quite right. 

Bud knew, there is no faster way to crush your own spirit than to poach someone else’s passion and dreams.

The world does not need another Steve Jobs or Francis Chan. What it needs is for people to take a moment, or perhaps a lifetime, and truly explore the depth of the phrase. “Just be yourself.”

Are you wearing someone else’s dreams?



5 thoughts on ““Be Yourself”

  1. Kristin says:

    SO TRUE! I’ve been wrestling with that idea for the past couple of months and came to the conclusion that, even thought I may not be as cool as someone else, the world needs me to just be me. Thanks for this important reminder Andrew & Jenice! Bud sounds like a great man.

  2. hotchocolaterunner says:

    Love it! I obsess over whether or not I’m doing a good job instilling those values into my girls so that they may never stop dreaming and loving and exploring.

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