Little Punkin.

Yesterday my little pumpkin turned 7 months. I really can’t remember a time where life was so rich in blessings. I will be posting on her 7 month update soon, but I wanted to share these sweet pumpkin photos with you today. We went to Tanaka farms in Irvine (also known as Strawberry Farms) and it was just what we were looking for. Fields of spaced out pumpkins on the vine, a corn maze, petting zoo, baked goodies, tractor rides, and a beautiful hilly scenery. We forgot we were in Orange County for a few seconds.

Reese was absolutely obsessed and intrigued by the pumpkins. She kept reaching her little hands out to touch them and I’m pretty sure she felt right at home when we plopped her in a pile of them.

Not quite into the squealing pigs and obnoxious goats in the petting zoo quite yet. Maybe next year ; )

It was a busy day, but full of sweet moments that I will have pressed into my mind and heart forever.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, don’t forget to be thankful.



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