You have time.

Our Disney Trip yesterday! Thanks to Erica for getting us in! Reese loved it and Chad got a button for purshacing the “First Pickle.” So many memories made.

I often wonder what I used to think about and what I used to do with my time before I had Reese. I’m sure you parents know what I’m talking about.

From sun up to sundown, my mind is every-second consumed with new baby food recipes, scheduling, crawling on all fours, poop-changing, phone calls, laughing at Reese’s joyful screams, scrambling her new favorite food- eggs, making sure the bag is ready for our errand running, laundry, making Reese dance, where did I put the baby wipes? I really do feel like time flies by quicker than ever before, now that I’m a Momma.

While these things are commendable, essential, and truly life-giving…I can go days without spending time with my creator. I know He understands, He gets it..but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. Growing up in Christian circles, on more than one occasion, I heard something like this: just acknowledge that He is with you throughout the day, say a little prayer in the car, include Him in your activities, pray in the shower…

The girls in my bible study talk often about “good” things getting in the way of “great” things. Praying in the car is good.

I’m not sure if I would feel prioritized if Drew (my husband) just acknowledge that I am with him throughout the day, included me in his daily activities, chatted in the shower (that last one is not SO bad)…you get what I’m saying.

I want to spend time with my creator. Not just a quick prayer here, a rushed devotion there. I DO have time. So do you. You have time for what you want to make time for. (I’m saying this to myself too, because I often don’t believe it)

I have caught myself a few times this past week saying, “I didn’t have time.” I stop, think about it, and replace “I didn’t have time” with, “I didn’t make time.” It sucks, because I really like to hide behind not having time. Make time today for the things you believe in. Friends, God, family, whatever it is. You have the time, you can make time.