Move Making Monday.

Happy Monday. The day of “making moves”…as Drew says. I hope yours weekend was sun-kissed and peaceful.  Ours made possible by my in-laws. Literally. Laurie and Dean, my sweet husbands folks are die-hard, rockstar grandparents to our little Reese and incredibly helpful to Drew and I.

Not only have they opened up their home to us (which, in of itself, is THE BIGGEST GIFT), they washed and detailed my car this weekend, watched Reese on Saturday night so we could go out on a date…they are constantly holding Reese, letting Drew and I run out for frozen yogurt, laying on the floor next to our sweet girl, making her laugh and teaching her new tricks…offering to feed her…I could go on.

Hats off to their selfless, servant hearts. They inspire me constantly and I hope to be as giving and loving as they are.

Focusing on others really is the way to go. Almost every stinkin time I feel rotten inside, it’s because I’m being selfish.

Thanks Laurie and Dean for living by example.

Give. Be a servant. Sacrifice for others. Do it today, it will change your life.


(Photos by Haley Womack)



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