Washing the dishes.



My husband attends an incredible Men’s bible study that meets once a week in the early morning before work. It’s one of my favorite parts of our week..he walks in the door refreshed. Simply from being with Godly men who he respects. God only knows (pun intended) what they really talk about in there…but every so often I dig out a nugget from my “I already used my words for the day” husband.  (Who is often a better communicator than myself).

We don’t discuss names or details, due to confidentiality. However, I normally ask him for a few anonymous highlights.Last week, He told me about a certain gentlemen in his group who is going through a very busy season in his life. Let’s call him Mike. Mike has very young kids, is balancing jobs, going through financial hardship, trying to be a good husband…(I’m sure none of you know what he’s talking about)…this “busy” Mike shared something beautiful with my husband, Drew.

Mike is choosing to slow down and take care in the little things. When he does the dishes, for example. He treats each dish with intention. Cleans the dish in it’s entirety, every crevasse, every piece of food washed away
thoroughly. He slows down. He cleans it well, dries it, and puts it away.

This was immeasurably encouraging to me. To stop and take care in the little things.

I can be a rushed person. Clanking dishes, letting them pile up, proceeding to throw them in the dishwasher half-rinsed and half-cared for. I can be in such a hurry that I forget Reese’s extra diaper, to turn the coffee pot off…mind-stressing 6 million miles a minute about everything I didn’t do.

I have been challenged to slow down and do things well. To not rush through my devotional just so I can check the box. Rather, sit…listen..enjoy…sing…talk…quality time. Even if I only have 5 minutes, to enjoy those minutes, my mind and heart being in the present.

I have always been a sprinter. I ran track in high school, and competed in the 100m, 200m, and 400m. The thought of running further than that stressed me out. Not because I couldn’t do it, but because it would take forever…

Growing up, I was known for cleaning the kitchen the fastest. Missing some important crumbs along the way and often shoving dirty dish rags under the sink. All so I could be done quick and be onto the next.

God is teaching me to be disciplined, to put the miles in, spend the quality time, to be present. Less is more, sometimes. I now run distance, and I enjoy it immensely. Maybe a coincidence?

Thanks for walking through my journey with me. Even though I don’t see my readers, I feel connected to you and encouraged by each one of you. I appreciate each of you!




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