“She cooked a mean casserole…”

Two weekends ago at our congregation at church took an hour to share our thanksgiving for God’s blessings in our life.

One sweet old man, who has been a longtime member of the church, experienced a recent loss in the passing of his sister. While this man and his sister are a strangers to me, what he said next hit home. He had two people help him stand up; his obvious old age demanded attention and demonstrated an automatic authority and reverence.

What he said was brief. He thanked God for his sister’s life.

My sister gave every day away. She served until her last day and she loved the Lord. She told people about Jesus and showed people love. May you be remembered for the same.

He then sat back down, with assistance on either side.

He didn’t say she was beautiful. He didn’t mention her sweet ass porsche. He didn’t tell of her achieved bucket list. He didn’t say she was a gifted chef or a talented author. He didn’t explain that she sent out Christmas cards every year, on time. He didn’t exclaim of her beautiful singing voice, or of the mean casserole she made every Thanksgiving morning.

She gave her day away to others. She loved the Lord. She showed love and told people about her Savior.

While she may have had a beautiful voice, that will be remembered…this was not the most important.

The interesting thing is, everyone can leave this legacy; if they so choose.

Whether I have a lofty savings or not a penny in the bank.

If you have a brand new Porsche, or no car at all.

Whether you have children, or have no desire for them.

I may have a brand new house, paid off house…or I might rent an apartment.

If I have the latest Mac product, or have no computer at all.

At the end of life, these things are “fun” and even “memorable,” but of no eternal value.

Yet, I sometimes find myself stressing/pursuing/sacrificing to accomplish these little things.

My sister gave every day away. She served until her last day and she loved the Lord. She told people about Jesus and showed people love. 

Little things do matter, but remember…how do you wan’t to be remembered? What’s the bigger picture?

God looks at the heart.

Man looks at the little, external things.

May you and I pursue things of eternal value.

(I realize some of my readers do not believe in the Lord, I hope you enjoy this post as a general idea and would love your questions/opinions sent to me via email @ JenieceHarris@gmail.com)

Go in love.



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