Finding the good



Reesie Roo

These past few weeks, since the break-in, have been jam-packed of well-favored family nights, gratifying talks about marriage, soul-searching, tears, buying of a sweet home for our family, and lots of Christmas music.

After being up-rooted from our (temporary) home, life’s events and life’s lessons have been frequent. Massed. Stuffed. Overcrowded like Rockefeller Center in mid-December. Potentially suffocating.

Pausing frequently amidst the change and big decisions to crawl after pajama wearing Reese, whose eye’s beg me to get on all fours and chase her all over the house. This little 8 month old is a constant reminder that while the world may seem hard and fast, cruel, evil, and demanding…so, so much good remains.

My “good” as of late:

A certain lady and her husband who offered to take a picture of our family in front of the Boat Parade. The woman  jumped up and down, made high-pitched noises, and threw her hands up in the air in order to command Reese’s attention. It worked. This sweet lady made me smile too.

Sitting on the kitchen floor with some of my best friends singing Christmas carols at the top of our lungs because it made our kids dance.

Beginning to read through the bible with Drew, we’re starting with Genesis and Psalms. I look forward to this every day.

Blasting Hillsong’s Christmas album, “We Have A Savior.” Check it out, I can’t stop telling people about the song “We Have a Savior.” Watch the video HERE. 

Reese’s fake laugh and how she sings back when we sing to her.

Thinking about Jesus being born. How Mary must have felt, and how simply  the Savior entered the world.

My Father-in-Law playing Silent Night on the Piano.

Playing beach volleyball with my brother, my husband, and my Dad.

Stopping at a lemonade stand to find out the kids selling the drinks were raising money to buy wheelchairs for people who needed them.

I hope you can see the good today.


DRew and Reese


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