Christmas as 3

Christmas Day

Let me just say.. Christmas is so much more fun with a little one. (all of my friends without babies, start trying now and you can have one by next Christmas! Ready……go!)

The twinkle lights seem brighter and more sparkly. Christmas music is so magical and way more fun to dance to with a giggling little girl in my arms.

The whip cream on the berry pie is even richer, and creamier..when shared with little lips.

Present opening is full of screams, giggles, squeals, and messes.

I imagine God delighting in me kinda like the way I delight in Reese.

He has plans for me, great ones. Jeremiah 29:11

He gives rest to my soul. Matthew 11:28-29

He gives me power when I am weak. Isaiah 40:29

He takes care of me, giving me what I need. Philippines 4:19

It’s beautiful to feel Christ’s love for me through my love for my daughter.

He loves me so.

He loves you so.

I hope you feel/know that tonight.

Christmas this year was full. Of remembering Christ’s birth. The greatest gift.

Of my family and my husband’s family.

Egg-Kale dishes, Cinnamon rolls, monkey bread, Honey-baked ham, mimosas.

Dart games, ping-pong tournaments, and motorcycle rides.

All of this comes from the Lord, and I am so thankful for His love.

I hope your Christmas was full of peace.



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