Living Whimsy

Reesie Roo
Monkeys and Reesie RooFamily pic at the zoobirdie and reeseMom and ReeseDad and Reese




Drew and I woke up yesterday with a fresh energy from reading all day Friday (with lots of tummy kisses and green bean feeding in-between). Drew finished an entire book (Love Does by Bob Goff) and I began reading one of my christmas presents, 4 Hour Chef by Timothy Ferriss.

Both recommended. Both inspiring, in very different ways.

We woke up with the word “whimsy” finding itself in our conversation. I have also been reading “Love Does,” and the word “whimsy” appears frequently while flipping the pages.

We made our own definition for the word.

Whimsy: Not getting gummed up by life/circumstance.

Let me explain. Life can “gum you up” (this phrase is 100% my husbands, thanks babe!) Meaning, it can put you in a box. Stress you out. Get the best of you. Bore you. Kill your spirit. It can make you feel like you are a 9-5 robot who looks, thinks, dresses, does what everyone else does. While on a hamster wheel. A robot on a hamster wheel, think about it..?! Not good, for anyone.

Living a whimsical life. Living creatively. Giving love feet. Doing. Taking risks. Trying new things. Learning. Sparkle.

Stay tuned. 2013 is the year of whimsy.

Our first day of living “whimsy” the zoo.

Our family zoo trip was followed by dreaming about a new art project, our future garden, being others focused..loving those for who they are, but challenging them to be BETTER…putting feet on love, and sharing a honeydew boba shake.

Deliciously good.