In-law livin.

The barista behind me just shouted out, “Multi Grain with butttah ready,” I really appreciate her “butttah” usage. Life is too short to be boring and say butter. You know it’s true. 

This is a very unique time of life, unique in that my roommates happen to be my in-laws. My “roomies,” I like to call them. Some of you know how it is, for those who don’t may be better off…or not. Read this, and decide for yo self. 

The top 5 things I won’t miss about living with my in-laws. 

1. One of my roomies, of the male variety, “Papa” to my baby girl…coming home early from work as I’m in the kitchen (in skivvies…it was noon..I have no explanation, really). Good thing I’m in pretty good shape..I’m proud to report I pulled a Mission Impossible move and sprinted up the stairs as he was opening the door. My heart raced and I’m pretty sure I pee’d myself, just a tiny. 

2. A squeaky brass queen sized bed. The squeaky part is always awkward when you share a wall with your roomies. Juss sayin. 

3. Having to get my laundry right out of the dryer/washer. Having to clean a dish as soon as I use it. Okay, this is more something I put on myself…my MIL is SUPER clean, which I love. I really do, I just take a little more time to clean than she does…like a day or two, or a week longer. 

4. An unexpected sprinkler guy who I was (supposedly) told about…who happens to come when I’m catching some Cali rays in the backyard…without a shirt. It’s fine. Pretty sure that sprinkler guy keeps coming back for repairs…hmm. 

5. Walking downstairs without makeup, in my pajamas, just having picked my face, with a glass of wine…and hearing “are you okay..” Sometimes I just don’t want to splain myself! Lol. Again, I might have a problem. 

Now, the things I will miss. 

1. Saying, “hey, the baby is sleeping, are you guys going to be here for an hour so I can…________.” So, freaking, helpful. 

2. Dinners at home with just the roomies and I. When the hubs is working. I get to talk to them about their day, they get to smooch Reese and feed her avo. It’s a beautiful thing and I’m so thankful. 

3. Bachelor Monday’s with my MIL. We’re we both get in jams, pour wine(or I do….just me, I have a problem) and talk about how Sean is such a gentlemen…just like Andrew…Ew, she’s ugly inside!…and the like. 

4. The mail-man. He is so stinking cute and tiny. He always tells me how cute Reese is and how he’s SO glad she looks like me, and not Andrew. I laugh, he laughs..maybe we’re flirting. He’s 60. Is it still called flirting when he’s 60? (side note: I think she totally looks like my husband, and I am really happy about that)

5. That Laurie knows my favorite Sees chocolate, and returns home with 4 or 5 of them frequently. God bless her. Don’t even know what they’re called, y’all…but “the ones with the stuff inside that’s kind of grainy that tastes like brown sugary-heavenlygoodness. Yeah, those kind. drool. 

LMK if you have every lived with your in-laws. I want the goods. 

Have a Wednesday full of buttah and other good things. Like loving God and loving people. Muah.